Roof Systems [Built-Up] 

BUR (Built-Up Roof) systems are widely known as the most-proven solution available in the industry, having first been introduced in the 1840's. These systems are "built-up" on site and consist of a water-proofing (bitumen; asphalt or coal-tar), reinforcement (plies; organic or glass), and a surfacing material (gravel, granules, or coating). BUR roof systems are ideal solutions for roofs that may experience high foot traffic. These redundant roof systems are easy to repair and provide outstanding protection from the elements. If properly installed & maintained, BUR roof systems offer a longer-lasting solution.

Multi-ply roof membrane.
Extremely durable.
Successful 100+ year track record.
Superb tensile strength and puncture-resistance.
Withstands high foot traffic.
Easy to repair.
Low maintenance.